Energy Certificates


The Energy Certificate of a building or building unit depicts the energy classification of a building or building unit to allow the owners or tenants of the building or building unit to compare and evaluate its energy performance and is valid for 10 years from the date of its issuance. It is not necessary to issue a new Energy certification in its ten-year period of validity, since there have been no changes in the building or building that constitute a major renovation (large-scale renovation). The Energy Certificate is issued with the following 5 simple steps:

  • Contact the owner of the property with us and information about the details and the required supporting documents for the issue of a certificate on the specific property.
  • Collection of required supporting documents (topographical and architectural plans, HM equipment designs, etc.)
  • Autopsy by the Energy Inspector on the property for which the certificate is to be issued. During the autopsy inspection of the properties of the property related to its energy classification
  • Processing the data in the office and calculating the energy efficiency class of the building and issue of the Energy certificate.


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