Geological and hydrogeological studies of water resources management


Τhe office has 10 years of experience in geological surveys and studies and hydrogeological studies. The experience of our executives is based on a wide range of processes

  • Studies of Hydrogeology & Drilling of Hydrogeology across the Greek Territory,
  • Research and Technical Infrastructure Projects,
  • Studies on Coastal Protection from Corrosion
  • Research and Studies for the mapping and quality control of aggregates
  • Collection of environmental data
  • Water sampling - water sampling

Geological Surveys and Studies are carried out in the framework of:

  • Road and other infrastructure projects
  • Research and studies on coastal erosion
  • Studies in environmental protection projects (refuse disposal sites, urban waste water treatment plants)
  • Research and studies to stabilize soil / rocky slopes and landslide control
  • Water Resources Management Studies


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