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Human Resources



Panagiotis Myriounis  is a graduate of Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Civil Engineering and a graduate of Τechnological Educational Institutions of Athens, Department of Civil Engineering, Master of Science in Seismic Engineering and Earthquake Engineering and in Environmental Design of Cities and Buildings. . He is register for study public works (Study Categories 13, 16 - Class A), ), Energy Inspector (Class A)  and Expert of the Thesprotia Court of First Instance. He is a member of the Board of Dental Licensing Committee Thesprotia.

He is a freelancer and he is involved in Civil Engineering in collaboration with Christos Myriounis Rural & Surveyor Engineer - Geologist.

Specializing in: Issuing of building permits and approvals, arrangement - legalization of arbitrary constructions, issue of energy certificates, licensing of productive activities, renovations of buildings and dwellings, topographical and hydraulic studies, expert reports - technical reports of engineering, static and dynamic analysis of buildings.



Christos Myriounis is a graduate of Geology Department and Diploma of School of Rural and Surveying Engineer of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Master of Science in Applied and Environmental Geology and Doctor of Philosophy of the Department of Geology in the specialty Hydrogeology-Grounwater Hydraulics. He is register for study public works (Study Categories 20, 27 - Class A) and Expert of the Thesprotia Court of First Instance.

He is a freelancer and is active in the field of Rural & Surveying Engineer and Geologist in collaboration with Panagiotis Myrionis.

He specializes in: Topographic surveys, Production of photogrammetric works using UAV, Study and management of Cadastre and Forestry works, Preparation of geological and hydrogeological studies, Preparation of environmental studies and Special Environmental Reports, Utilization of Geodata and Geographical Information Systems with emphasis in geosciences, hydraulic engineering studies and road studies, expert reports - engineering exhibitions.

Research subject: He has significant experience in laboratory and on-site measurements, in the collection, analysis and interpretation of topographical, environmental, hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical data related to water resource management. Special experience is presented in the management of groundwater in coastal areas and the phenomena of quantitative and qualitative degradation of the environment, the management of irrigation water, and the impact of climate change on water resources. He participates in a number of national and European research programs.